July 9, 2011

A conversation about LinkedIn

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I am sitting waiting for a replacement “audio” for my car and decided to spend the two hours accessing Linked In from an iPad. I began with their own app and saw no groups were selectable.
Next I went to FlipBoard and added my LinkedIn account information. Many of my Groups werer there but not the Green Group Boston. So I went to figure why my own Word Press blog could be added to favorites but the Green Group Boston was missing.

There is a concept called “RSS” which takes a Word Press blog and syndicates it. FlipBoard can access this “feed” if it enabled.

I will begin to see why some of my Linked In groups appear and others don’t even though I am logged in with FlipBoard.

I also found a co-worker from early days as a trainer is now a professional Linked In tip presenter.
Patrick O’Malley is an impressive person on his website, on the phone and in person.

He updates his status often on Linked In , sends email to subscribers and in general comunicates in a fun and productive way.



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