May 17, 2011

Plug In Week End…

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Hypermiling and Acton Toyota Event

SIDE NOTE to readers about readers:
So I had to buy a new reader for my Kodak camera memory.
8 gb SDHC is too big for my current reader.
Vivitar 72-in-1 Card Reader/Writer I selected the Vivitar 72 in 1 at Staples.

It was raining so I skipped the rally.
Instead went to the presentation of Hypermiling by Wayne Gerdes.
It was an interesting talk.
I also took some pictures of the Plug In Prius on display.

So why did I mention the memory reader ?
Kodak logo
Because Kodak is “America’s Story Teller” and this is the story I want to tell…
It becomes harder all the time with all the stories being told in the news and on the Internet to be heard anymore.
But when Acton Toyota brings in a celebrity to explain how to improve your gas milage and the rally is won by a 1990 VW with a gasoline engine I realize there is more than the car involved.

There is a mindset that says we can get improved cost of ownership by just driving more sensibly.
But what will it take to get drivers to slow down ?

Latest news is a car that drives itself.
“Autonomous cars are the future, 2953 Analytics’ Jim Hall says on pages 18-19 of the June issue of Motor Trend”

Read more:

So where do we go from here ?
Any comments ?

Any readers ?


April 19, 2011

iTouch a Cool GGB post

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If you have an Apple iPod Touch or iPhone then this post should interest you. I added it from an iPod touch 2nd generation. The 1st generation crashes in the WordPress application. Some GGB members have iPhones so I will be offering to teach them to blog on the road from events they attend.

A post from the Cool iPad

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I am on an iPad application and creating a post to my WordPress blog.
It is in the News and Hidden categories with no tags.

I edited on a laptop to add an Image from the library…

A landscape view of Cozumel with text.

Cozumel landscape - "Wild Side"

Then created the tag CoolGGBMx

Hidden, News and not Private

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This message is in multiple  categories !

It is in Cool Green News and Hidden !

It is NOT private !

Cool Green Blog

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Welcome to my Cool Blog…

If you found this then you know me or have randomly found a new blog.

Blog at